First Meeting – Bring your passport!

Chichi 2012

Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 11 at 7:00 pm in JEM 279–that was the best time/day slot for everyone. We will bring some snacks (probably corn tortillas and black beans) and after a short update/discussion, we will watch La Camioneta, a great new documentary film about a migrating bus. This 71-minute documentary gives us a nice perspective into some of cultural and economic issues facing the country right now. You do not have to read anything for this meeting but we will be assigning the first readings, which will be due at the next meeting which is TBA for now. Stay tuned for more announcements. . .

By the way, this site will serve as our official announcement mechanism, so if you could please sign up to “Follow this blog” in the upper lefthand corner, that will make communication much easier. Each time I post to the blog, you will get an announcement. I will try to keep from posting too often.

Oh yes, one more thing. Could you please bring your PASSPORT to the meeting on Tuesday? That way we can make copies and provide the travel agency with the info they need to make reservations.


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