Today we spent the day in the beautiful city of Antigua. The city has remained the same for centuries. The bumpy roads are made of cobblestone, from the volcanic rock and the buildings are all about the same height, one or two stories tall. The strict building rules are in order to maintain the cultural history that Antigua offers.

Cathedral Antigua MW La Merced arch MW
Our first visit was to the ruins of the convent “Our Lady of Zaragoza Church” or for short, “Capuchinas”. The convent was built in 1736 and founded by five monastic nuns from Madrid. After an earthquake in 1783 the convent was destroyed then restored years later in 1943. The ruins have become a tourist siting. There is also a museum that is inside. The views from the top of the convent were absolutely breath taking I am so happy we made the visit.


Fountain Las Capuccinas MW Doorway capuccinas MW Students in cells capuccinas MW
The second half of the day included free time. We broke up into groups and roamed around the city for several hours. This is one of my favorite things to do when we visit somewhere new, it gives us a chance to explore the area, meet the people, and be able to navigate for ourselves even if we get lost a couple of times. Tomorrow is a low key day then Friday we head to Tikal!

– Hattie Stern

– Photos by Maria Weber



  1. We continue to be “wowed” by your updates and photos. I can’t decide which is my favorite place that you all have visited. Each is more interesting than the next – filled with so much history. Love these photos, Ria! Enjoy your last weekend in Guatemala, ladies. Hugs to all …

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